Laocoonte was established in 2008. The brand combines a timeless and simplify perspective with an own identity. All this handmade manufactured in our atelier in Aspe (Spain). The Laocoonte’s collections also explore the strength of simplistic shapes that speak to discretion and are based on uncompromising quality.
Today, Laocoonte is sold in 12 countries at premier retail establishments, and the brand has a solid presence in the European, American and Asian markets.
The Laocoonte handmade work is authentic and traditional. The brand is built on a foundation of undeniable quality and painstaking craftsmanship. But design is the real driving force.
Grounded, but always looking to take things one step further. Every pair is the result of a passionate process of combining different materials, shapes and colors. They merge opposing concepts to spawn new, hybrid silhouettes; because they juxtapose contrasting materials and make them match; because the most refined model can have the simplest insides; because they put a raw, perfect finish on leather, impeccable details, and simplify.

Laocoonte ́s DNA
Timeless mode
Less is more
Quality and comfort
All leather

Laocoonte ́s soles are exclusive, because they are composed of different parts and all of them are all assembled and turned by hand with a flexible for a greater comfort. Made of Italian leather, with the highest quality and maintaining our commitment to the environment. These sandals have become another brand’s constant as earthy sophisticated essentials.

“Made in Spain” is literally part of our DNA identity
Laocoonte has always been clearly associated with the “Made in Spain” ethos. The shoes have been manufactured in Aspe, a shoemaking area with highly skilled artisans who have reached manufacturing excellence and truly love their work. Hence, for Laocoonte “Made in Spain” is synonymous with “made with quality by our people” and that implies a strong sense of social responsibility. Laocoonte has always aimed to have the business make a positive impact on the local environment with an ethical approach in which 100% of production is manufactured in Aspe. This is the firm’s commitment to remain inseparable from the “Made in Spain” philosophy and that has become part of its logo.

Laocoonte…a history without end…