About us

Simplicity and freedom

With LAOCOONTE your feet will feel what it means to move naturally. We want to stand with both our feet on the ground, but still keep up to date. 

As a consequence, the production of our LAOCOONTE barefoot shoes combines high-tech design and traditional shoemaking skills. At the same time, we are well aware of our social responsibility. LAOCOONTE are made entirely in Spain. All design and manufacturing work is done by hand in our atelier located in Spain. In this way we can ensure that the working conditions in production meet the highest standards. Only thanks to our technical knowledge and conviction in footwear, many years of experience and the best materials we are able to create this unique and high-quality shoe entirely made in Spain. 

We want to allow our feet to work naturally. That’s why we at LAOCOONTE focus on the very essential. Our shoes are characterized by their wide fit, their completely flat and flexible sole and the elastic and lightweight materials. In LAOCOONTE we want to give your feet the freedom to move in a healthy way and have all the comfort that can be achieved in a shoe. LAOCOONTE achieves in each one of its shoes, that they wrap your feet in a flattering way and give them a comfortable and safe fit.

Our goal was to create a shoe that was 100% functional, that would accompany you in every situation of life and that would fit you great. With LAOCOONTE you will feel at ease and take every step comfortable and confidently. 

Black Flat Sandal


The manufacture of products often puts pressure on people and the environment. It is often the case that dangerous pollutants are emitted into the environment and workers are not paid or treated fairly. But not so with LAOCOONTE. We take responsibility: our shoes are sustainably produced under sound economic, ecological and social conditions.

Guaranteed long-lasting

Longevity is one of the key points of sustainability. That’s why we manufacture our barefoot shoes for maximum durability. Our soles are composed of different parts and all of them are assembled and turned by hand with a flexible one for greater comfort.

We trust our soles completely. That’s why you get to enjoy a 2-year warranty covering sole punctures during normal use.

Sustainable materials

For all shoes we use materials of the highest quality, which are optimally adapted to the respective purpose of the shoe. All our leathers come from Italy and comply with European regulations and the quality standards required by Europe, as well as in quality, sustainability, etc. In LAOCOONTE we are committed to the environment.

All our metal decorations comply with European regulations, adding also that they are totally nickel free. 



We are proud that our shoes are manufactured entirely in SPAIN. Our leathers come from Italy and all other materials are manufactured in Spain, such as buckles, soles, soles and lining.

In LAOCOONTE everything is manufactured in our atelier in Aspe (Alicante, Spain)

In this way, we ensure that we produce the least possible impact on the environment and protect our world so that we can continue to enjoy timeless footwear for a long time to come.